Be In Europe

The Project
Be in Europe project aims to accompany migration dynamics while developing and promoting alternative learning device for migrant integration within society and labour market of the host countries. 

The goal is to participate in building a transcultural and tolerant Europe that creates wealth for all and by all. 
The project is designed for, on one hand, migrants and supporting organizations promoting their social and cultural integration and, on the other hand, companies and organizations involved in professional integration.

 In particular, it aims at working on the development and implementation of learning devices aimed at:
1. improving psychosocial skills for migrants: to solve problems; to make decisions; to communicate effectively; to manage stress, emotions, etc.;
2. Mediation and intercultural competences for companies;
3. Support for creation of activity/ entrepreneurship support for the exchange of good practices, mentoring activities and a case study about "clichés”;
4. The establishment of conditions for sustainability of the devices by closely associating direct beneficiaries all along the project and by using the collaborative platform "Be in Europe". This platform will have a double function: it will host all project outputs and ease networking amongst the different actors, and will be the technical basement for all activities to be developed.
If you want to read more info about the project, please have a look at the newsletters and brochure here below:  
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