IO3 - Learning system for companies: 
mediation and intercultural skills

This learning system aims to develop social mediation and/or the acquisition of intercultural skills within companies. This includes promoting and encouraging interaction with others, who are different in language and culture, in order to overcome differences, defuse conflicts and lay the foundations for "working (living) better together" understanding and strengthening intercultural dialogue. 

In this sense, four skills require special attention to understand, adapt and evolve in contact with people from another culture: 
1. Knowledge: specific to the cultural environment and to economic and social systems;
2. Know-how: relational skills, the ability to resolve conflicts and to convey a message verbally or non-verbally;
3. Soft-skills: personality traits to be developed such as open-mindedness, empathy, tolerance, etc.;
4. Learning skills: learning potential and motivation, emotional intelligence, ability to manage stress.

Now you can download the output we have developed: Mediation and intercultural skills
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