The importance of communication - ITALY

Here you can read the testimony of an Italian entrepreneur who told us the importance of a positive dialogue between the entrepreneurs and the migrants.

The exchange of points of views is fundamental to build a real inclusion within the hosting country.

8 comments on “The importance of communication - ITALY”

  1. Talking of integration, a good dialogue is totally necessary (in the job market, in any social relationship, at school, etc). To have a good dialogue, the first step is the knowledge of the language - it can't be skipped!

  2. Sometimes any dialogue is not possible. There are people totally not open to diversity (any kind of). But we have to deal also with this kind of people.

  3. Wow i like thewebsite. It genuinely helped me with the details i wus searching for. Appcriciate it.

  4. Religions has to be respected, and so the cultural aspects. But when you try to be integrated in a new society often you should find a middle way, without losing your own ideas and background. Anyway, the respect must be in both directions.v (who is integrating, who is hosting)

  5. Aspects related to religions are sometimes difficult to be handled in my experience. Anyway, if you have a good dialogue since the beginning you can overcome any problem. It is important to express possible difficulties since the interview to be hired to avoid misunderstandings.

    1. Doing this, the risk is that the entrepreneur decides not to hire you even without a try! 🙁

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